Bonzo’s Dish

Bonzo 5 Months Old

I decided to put together a page where Bonzo (My 6 month old chihuahua) and I can express our thoughts and feelings, new ideas and stuff we would like to share with you. The info posted here will not always be Real Estate related. If there is any Topic you would like me to investigate, please shoot me an email and I will write a response to your questions or perspectives with valuable information. So with that said, LETS GET STARTED IN HERE!

Wednesday May 18th,2011

Dodger Game & Bobble-heads Oh MY!
Last nite in Box 206, hoagies, hot dogs and BEER!! Dodgers vs Brewers 3-0 in favor of LA. It was a whopping 58 degrees on the playing field with clouds looming that turned into a sprinkle storm, we were all cuddley and cozy in our Box. Upon driving onto Stadium Way we couldn’t help but notice the extra Police protection after last weeks attack on a young fan who was wearing an opposing teams jersey, was beaten almost to death. Blue and Reds everywhere! Walking thru the parking lot we felt safe enough but saddened to hear the full story of what actually went down in the beautiful Elysian Park surroundings.
My girlfriend and fellow Keller Williams Associate Jackie and I had a blast back in our Box, with KABC Radio Execs

Thanku’s go out to Nectar & Raffie Kalajian from Security Pacific Home Loans, and KABC Radio. Good times and great networking was had by all. And of course we were very excited to receive upon arrival our very own Clayton Kershaw Bobble-Heads.

Tuesday May 17th, 2011

First off, in the words of LA Times Writer Bill Paschke The Los Angeles Lakers were, beat, embarrassed and humiliated! You think?Woah!!!! What the heck happened??  A sweep!?? I smell something Fishy. I dont know about you but down from 2 championships it doesnt seem right. Here’s my take, and please fell free to comment if you would like.
I heard thru the rumor mill that Pau Gasol had a bad breakup with his girlfriend and that was the reason for his bad playing.
Lamar Odom was quoted as saying,“I don’t know where we lost it … that drive, that bond we had in the past, that cohesive drive in order to overcome adversity”
A lack of locker room trust is said to be the downfall of the Lakers this season.
“The Lakers fans have had their hearts broke,” said Artest. “And all those people who aren’t Lakers fans are now laughing at the Lakers fans.”
Too bad, so sad. Both Pau and Lamar have admitted to the fact that their personal lives contributed to their own personal best. Leaving us all wondering if what happens off the court can stay there?
I personally cant really even comment on Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum‘s court antics.
The questions leaving us Laker Fans is; Do we have a Team, or coach next season?
“The two-time defending champion Lakers were dethroned by their toughest opponent, that dysfunctional group known as the two-time defending champion Lakers”.


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